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May 12

How To Save Money with Rainwater Harvesting

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater Harvesting is the collection of water during a downpour, usually from a roof or other sizable surface area. It involves channeling the precipitation into downspouts and through to the Storage Tank. The water is then stored to be later used as and when required.

Rainwater harvesting is an increasingly popular alternative to town-supply use, due it’s sustainable environmentally-friendly approach to water consumption. Add to this the fact that it can also be very cost-effective and hassle-free if implemented correctly, rainwater collection is now a viable choice for many home and business owners, and not just limited to when there are no other options.


What is the Most Effective Roof for Water Collection?

Without question,  the more effective surface on which to capture water is some form of metal roof. Common examples include corrugated iron, metal flat sheets, or IBR profile galvanized steel sheets. These are all excellent options when it comes to maximizing your water catchment efficiency. It is still possible to collect rainwater from a tiled roof but it is generally found to be less effective.


How Much Water Will Can I Collect From My Roof?

According to the Australasian Bureau of Meteology, every square meter of horizontal surface area should equate to 1 liter of catch-able water (per 1 millimeter of rainfall).

The formula for this is:
Horizontal Catchment Area x Millimeters of Rainfall = Volume of Rainwater Caught

Therefore, to estimate the amount of water you can collect from your roof you need to know the horizontal area of the roof and the local rainfall data available for your area.


What Else Can I do to Maximize Water Efficiency?

Conserve, conserve, conserve. Water is unquestionably one of our most valuable and essential commodities. Whether on town supply or tank supply educate yourself regarding sensible habits when it comes to water use.

Grey-water collection can be an excellent option for the likes of toilet flushing and gardening needs. Be aware of wasteful habits such as leaving a tap running while brushing your teeth and consider improving shower efficiency with a water conserving shower head.  (For further recommendations on how to save water Click Here)

To learn how you can significantly save money long-term with Rainwater Harvesting, Contact Raincatcher Auckland and ask about their patented Water Filtration System. Unique and revolutionary, it is designed to improve water quality while significantly reducing your ongoing maintenance expense.


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