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The Famous Raincatcher® Triple Filter System

Tank Intake Filter (Includes cleaning)


This is the first line of defence against unhealthy water, installed at entry point to tank and purifying down to 50 microns (thickness of a human hair). Filter water before it gets into tanks which reduces the amount of water tanks cleans needed. If you want a clean water tank then call us.

Jumbo Housing


To compliment your Raincatcher Intake Filter the Jumbo Housing option is installed with a Polyspun cartridge that purifies your water down to 1 micron. We also have water tank cleaning services.

Underbench Filter


To complete the Healthy Water Solution, we recommend an under bench filter which further purifies but retains minerals essential to a healthy lifestyle and a Clean water tank.

Tank Cleaning

If you live in the Greater Auckland area we can clean your tank for you. This process typically involves minimal water loss and can be carried out at any tank water level.
For a simple tank clean we have competitive pricing. Watch the video now to see our technicians at work.

To have your tank clean call

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“Our drinking water has never tasted so good”

Peter & Nikki, Waiheke

“Looking into the tank, it is absolutely crystal clear. To my suprise, the water tastes perfect.”

Dave, Waiheke

“When we clean out the filter and see the “gunk” that is collected, it is quite scary to think that this was previously in our water tank. We now take a much more active interest in the quality of our water, thanks to Neil and his team.”

– Patrick, Waiheke – Airline pilot.

“After spending $50 per fortnight on chemicals, the Raincatcher was the best decision, … We now experience pollen conditions, but our water is clear without the musty smell like last year.”

Peter & Jan, Tutukaka